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We understand the importance of clean and safe water for your household or business at Champion Well Drilling. Iron is a common contaminant found in water, and it's essential to recognize and treat it effectively. Contrary to popular belief, iron is not a mineral it is a bacteria leading to unpleasant odors, tastes, and stains in your water. Discover the three main types of iron in water, why water softeners may not be the most efficient solution for iron removal, and the services we offer to combat iron issues.

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Three Main Types of Iron Found in Water

Ferrous Iron (Clear-Water Iron): This type of iron is dissolved in water and is usually invisible. It is called clear-water iron because the contaminated water appears clear when first drawn from the tap. However, when exposed to air or after being heated, ferrous iron oxidizes and turns into ferric iron, causing reddish-brown particles to appear.

Ferric Iron (Red-Water Iron): Ferric iron is an oxidized form of iron that forms reddish-brown particles in the water. It can cause staining on plumbing fixtures, appliances, and laundry.

Organic Iron (Bacterial Iron): Organic iron is formed when iron reacts with naturally occurring organic substances like tannins, decaying plant materials, or iron bacteria. This type of iron can cause water to have an unpleasant taste and odor and can even clog water systems and damage plumbing.

Champion Well Drilling's Iron Removal Solutions

We offer a range of services to combat iron in your water, including

Well Cleaning: Regular well cleaning helps open the screens to ensure maximum water production and minimizes iron build-up in your well.

Well Chlorination: Chlorinating the well can help control iron bacteria and reduce the problems caused by organic iron.

Iron Aeration Systems: Our iron aeration systems are specifically designed to treat and remove iron from your water, providing clean and iron-free water.

Water Softeners and Iron Removal

Water softeners are often used to treat hard water, but they are not the most efficient solution for iron removal. Water softeners can remove small amounts of ferrous iron, but they struggle to remove ferric and organic iron. Additionally, iron can damage the softener's resin bed, decreasing its effectiveness over time and requiring more frequent maintenance.

By effectively treating the iron in your water first through an iron aeration system, you can also use half the salt in your water softener, saving you time and money on maintenance and salt purchases.

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Don't let the iron in your water ruin your appliances, stain your fixtures, or affect your water's taste and smell. Trust the experts at Champion Well Drilling to provide you with the best iron removal solutions. Contact us today to get started on the path toward cleaner water.

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